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Come over and enjoy the best of our ancient tradition of Banya. Before making your booking please read our Rules and Posts sections and Refund Policy. Please make a reservation by booking online (below) or calling 347-462-2166.



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Welcome to Mermaid Spa

Mermaid Spa, located in the Seagate neighborhood of South Brooklyn, has a reputation for being the best Russian bathhouse in New York and has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and New Yorker magazine. The bathhouse has three Russian steam rooms, a dry sauna, Turkish bath, two ice-water pools, a Jacuzzi, and several other relaxing amenities inside a lodge-like wooden hall. You can also book a traditional ‘platza’ service which involves a whole-body massage using a birch ‘venik.’ “We wanted to create an environment that was similar to an authentic Russian bathhouse, or ‘banya.’ Marble is cold, so we used wood and centuries old techniques for generating the highest quality steam, so you can get a true Russian ‘banya’ experience.” — Zina and Boris Kotlyar and Joseph Feldsherov, Mermaid Spa Owners

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Admission & Optional Services:

Admission fee for adults – $50.00
Admission fee for senior citizens – $40.00
Admission fee for children – $45.00

(Children below 50 inches in height are not permitted to use our facility).

Body Scrub (inside of steam room only) – $70
Body Wash (inside of steam room only) – $60
Platza (Parka) – $50
Platza with soap (steam room only) – $60

Birch Room – $60

Gift Certificate:

A gift certificate can be used to cover admission fees, food, drinks and any services offered at Mermaid Spa. It can also be used towards a purchase of our Membership packages.

Membership Packages:

6 months
26 visits
6 months
unlimited number of visits
1 year
52 visits
1 year
unlimited number of visits

If you purchase a membership for someone else or a gift certificate that is going to be used to obtain a membership, please give the name of this person to our receptionist. Memberships can only be used by registered members and are not transferable.


-We’re open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

-All reservations to visit our facility are by booked appointments only.

-Children below fifty (50”) inches in height are not allowed the use of our facility. 

-Please consult with your physician before exposing yourself to a hot temperature environment.

-People under alcohol and drugs influences are not allowed the use of our facility and will be asked to leave the facility without refund.

-Your booked admission will give you access to our facility’s amenities for 4 hours, additional time (if available) can be purchased at the price of $10.00 for one additional hour per one person.

-No outside food, drinks, or alcohol are permitted (no exceptions)

-Use of creams, scrubs, aromatic or medical solutions inside Sauna or Banyas is not allowed.

-Please do not be late to your appointment. Your time countdown will automatically start at the beginning of your scheduled appointment. If you are late, your stay time will not be extended above the end of your scheduled appointment. Please do not shorten your visit time by arriving late

-Due to a bathhouse wet environment appropriate anti-slip footwear is required at all times.

-Use of phones and laptops on speaker mode is not allowed.

-Please turn off the ringer on your device.

For your convenience the anti-slip flappable-flops are sold at our reception desk.

Barefooting is prohibited.



-We welcome groups of up 30 people in our small privet restaurant and groups up to 12 people in the Red or Birch Rooms.  Group reservations can be confirmed by calling our reception desk at 347-462-2166. -We provide six free towels per person … Read More

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What People Are Saying

Mermaid Spa has been featured in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and New Yorker magazine.

“There are various ways to sweat at the Mermaid Spa, including three wood-paneled Russian steam rooms, a tile-lined Turkish bath, a Russian dry sauna with large, exposed stones emitting heat, and a big hot tub.”
“You may not have imagined eating beef stroganoff or pickled herring in your bathing suit, but you came for the food, so go for it.”


Mermaid Spa located in the Sea Gate area of Brooklyn has a reputation for being the best Russian baths in New York. Besides three Russian steam rooms, this bathhouse has a scorching dry sauna, a Turkish bath, two tile pools that are machine-fed with chopped ice and a circular Jacuzzi inside a lodge-like wooden hall. The entire facility is finished with wood and slate. Owners Zina and Boris Kotlyar, Joseph Feldsherov say they wanted to create an environment that was similar to an old style banya in Russia. "Marble is so cold, wood helps you feel warmer." The great quality of steam also helps to feel warmer. Mermaid Spa also offers Russian platza with soap or venik - a leafy bundle of birch or oak twigs.

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