Terms and Conditions


-We welcome groups of up 30 people in our small privet restaurant and groups up to 12 people in the Red or Birch Rooms.  Group reservations can be confirmed by calling our reception desk at 347-462-2166. -We provide six free towels per person … Read More


We will now allow sea salt or almond/plum/cherry based scrubs and also a soap body wash (NO COFFE SCRUBS) Please note that scrubs, soaps, any creams or oils are still not allowed in any Banyas or Saunas.  We will now allow use of moisturizing face masks and moisturizing face screams in our … Read More

Big Hall

In our Big Hall 4 Person  per table


The restaurant has authentic Russian dishes that you would not want to miss. Traditional Russian vodka, cold beer and freshly squeezed juices are also available. The dining area is cozy. MENU Soups 1. “SOLYANKA” SOUP$12.00 2. CHICKEN BROTH SOUP$8.00 3. … Read More

Room For Groups

The Birch Room is finished with Birch Trunks and Cedar Boards. The combination of Birch and Cedar exudes unique aromas creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The Birch Room is integrated into a large resting area and is only a … Read More

Red Party Room

After relaxing in the sauna, you can enjoy in a pleasant company with your friends. Up to 13 people.


3,500 sq. feet. A quiet and relaxing resting area with trees, grass and comfortable beach chairs. We have a special area where you can smoke safely.

Tile pools

Two tile pools are machine-fed with chopped ice.


Mermaid Spa’s circular Jacuzzi is one of the biggest in New York. It’s located inside a lodge-like wooden hall.

Turkish bath

Steam room – high humidity (Turkish bath) This steam room offers the added health benefit of steam inhalation. Fresh eucalyptus and mint are added to the steam.