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3,500 sq. feet. A quiet and relaxing resting area with trees, grass and comfortable beach chairs. We have a special area where you can smoke safely.

Tile pools

Two tile pools are machine-fed with chopped ice.


Mermaid Spa’s circular Jacuzzi is one of the biggest in New York. It’s located inside a lodge-like wooden hall.

Turkish bath

Steam room – high humidity (Turkish bath) This steam room offers the added health benefit of steam inhalation. Fresh eucalyptus and mint are added to the steam.

Russian Banya

A real wooden Finish sauna with dry heat (low humidity) and a constant 200F temperature. Finer control over the temperature experienced can be achieved by choosing a higher level bench for those wishing a hotter experience or a lower level … Read More

Russian Bath

An authentic Russian room with a stove made with granite rocks heated overnight to radiate intense heat. The stove has a hole to throw the water into. By throwing water on stones heated to extreme temperatures behind metal doors, steam … Read More

Ice Cave

A perfect place to sit and rest after a visit to the steam room.


Massage 15 min. – $40.00Massage 30 min. – $65.00Massage 45 min. – $80.00Massage 1 hr. – $95.00